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Preventing Substance Use Starts at Home – Safeguarding Your Children 

Preparing Your Young Children for a Healthy, Drug-free Future   

Talking to Your Middle School-aged child about Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs:  10 Step Guide for Parents

Put your Parenting Style into Action:  Kids and Alcohol Do Not Mix

10 Ways to Say No to Underage Drinking

Now is the Time to Talk about Alcohol

How to Talk to your Tween about Alcohol 

A Parent’s Guide to Marijuana in Massachusetts

How to Talk to Kids about Marijuana

Preventing Marijuana Use among Youth & Youth Adults U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration 

Marijuana Talk Kit:  What you Need to Know to Talk with Your Teen about Marijuana Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Prescription for Disaster:  How Teens Abuse Medicine U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior:  The Science of Addiction National Institute on Drug Abuse

9 facts about Addiction People Usually get Wrong

Alcohol & Other Drugs:  Is Your Teen Using (A Guide to Substance Use Treatment Services for Massachusetts Teens)

Social Host Responsibility Law in Massachusetts

Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask

Growing up Drug Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know

Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know

Hampden County Help Resource Booklet


Helplines and Online Support

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Helpline
National Helpline available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm., along with 24/7 on-line resources
Toll Free:  1-855-DRUGFREE (1-855-378-4373)

Allies in Recovery
Online resource to help support families who have a loved one struggling with addiction. Free for MA residents.

Parental Stress Line
Toll-free helpline for parents, 24/7 availability, confidential and anonymous
Toll Free:  1-800-632-8188

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
On line resource and group meeting directory for grandparents and all relatives raising grandchildren

Hampden County HELP Resources



Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health
The first-ever Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health reviews what we know about substance misuse and how you can use that knowledge to address prevention, substance use, and related consequences.

Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse or call toll-tree: 1-800-952- 6637
Free copies of publications on how to talk with children about alcohol and other drugs.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Find the latest science-based information about the health effects and consequences of drug abuse and addiction and resources for talking with kids about the impact of drug use on health.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids – Where families find answers
Resources are science- and research-based, and designed specifically for parents like you.

United Stated Drug Enforcement Agency
Find a wide variety of free resources, about drug use prevention, including current drug fact information.

Smoke Free Teen 
Smokefree.gov, created by The National Cancer Institute, and endorsed by U.S. Health and Human Services and National Institute of Health has a comprehensive Teen Quit Vaping resource that includes specific support about:   How to Quit Vaping,  Your First DayWithout Vaping, Deal with Vape CravingsUnderstand Your Vaping TriggersVaping Addiction and Nicotine Withdrawal,  Anxiety, Stress and Vaping, and Depression and Vaping


Community Talk with Dr. Ruth Potee: Understanding Adolescent Brain Development and Risk Taking
February 28, 2019 Minnechaug Regional High School Wilbraham, MA
Video produced by Wilbraham Public Access



Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the National Institutes of Health, discusses findings from the 44th annual Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey, released December 17, 2018. The survey focuses on drug use and attitudes among America’s 8th, 10th, and 12th graders. Questionnaires given to more than 10,000 teenagers measures the use of tobacco, alcohol and traditional illicit drugs, as well as newer drug trends, including electronic cigarettes and synthetics. The MTF survey, funded by NIDA, is conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.


Opioids, Rx Drugs & Youth

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017
Video produced by Wilbraham Public Access
Minnechaug Regional High School Auditorium

Dr. Ruth Potee, board-certified addiction specialist
Mark Maserati, CVS Pharmacist


Fact or Fiction:  Marijuana and the Teen Brain program

Presented by Dr. Bertha Madras at MRHS
Sponsored by Hampden-Wilbraham Partners for Youth (formerly known as Safe and Healthy Students coalition) in partnership with Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District
October 12, 2016 
Video produced by Wilbraham Public Access


National CADCA Leadership Forum – Who are we? What is a Coalition?

Attended by members of the Hampden-Wilbraham Safe and Healthy Students Coalition (now known as Partners for Youth coalition).
February 2016
Video produced by Wilbraham Public Access


Drugs & Alcohol:  It’s An Issue Here

Directed by current MRHS student, Isabela Ferraro
Video produced by Wilbraham Public Access




  PBS Vaping Educators Worry Students Dont Know Vaping Health Risks








Youth Crisis Services
Behavioral Health Network & Crisis Services
Frontline, 24/7 response to individuals of all ages experiencing a behavioral health crisis, regardless of insurance.
(413) 733-6661 (24 hours/7 days)

Youth Addiction Support

Youth Central Intake & Care Coordination  
Free, confidential support about how to help a youth or young adult who may be struggling with substance use. Ask any questions and get referrals to DPH-licensed treatment services at the right level of care needed. Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm.

Toll free: (866) 705-2807
or (617) 661-3991

MA Substance Abuse Information & Education Helpline
Free, anonymous information and referrals for alcohol and drug use problems (all ages). Mon – Fri, 8 am – 10 pm; Sat/Sun, 9 am – 5 pm.

(800) 327-5050

Support Groups

Learn To Cope
Peer-led support network for families dealing with addiction, and Online 24X7 chat room support and resources.
Meetings: Thursdays, 7-8:30 PM at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital 1233 Main St. Holyoke (1st floor auditorium)

Western MA Parents Support Group
Parents and caregivers helping each other while trying to cope with a child using alcohol and/or drugs.
Meetings: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital 1233 Main St. Holyoke (1st floor auditorium)

Al-Anon and Alateen
Understanding and support for friends and families of problem drinkers. For information or to find a group meeting: 

A 12-step support program for family and friends of an addict. For more information or to find a group meeting throughout your area: