Publications to Read

Preventing Marijuana Use among Youth & Youth Adults U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration 

Marijuana Talk Kit:  What you Need to Know to Talk with Your Teen about Marijuana Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Cannabis – The Current State of Affairs (2020) – CADCA, NIDA, NIH and USHHS
This 2020 publication informs you about what cannabis is, the science behind it, how this substance is used and the landscape of legalization and community prevention efforts.


Videos to Watch

Fact or Fiction:  Marijuana and the Teen Brain program  -  Coalition Community Education Program with Dr. Madras Minnechaug Regional High School (1:22:52)

Dr. Madras, professor of Psychobiology in the Department of Psychiatry and chair of the Division of Neurochemistry at Harvard Medical School, presenting a clear, comprehensive and compelling summary of current research on issues related to teens and marijuana use. October 12, 2016 


Websites to Visit

How to Talk to Kids about Marijuana