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The Hampden-Wilbraham Partners for Youth coalition helps to plan initiatives that address local conditions contributing to substance use.

The Hampden-Wilbraham Partners for Youth coalition strives to implement a coordinated, comprehensive, collaborative and sustainable plan of evidence-based activities and services to prevent and reduce youth substance use and promote healthy childhood development.

We believe preventing and reducing youth substance use is a collective responsibility. We envision a community-wide collaboration to promote safe, healthy and positive youth development in Hampden and Wilbraham.

Parenting Now!

Social Media-What you Should Know
recorded 2/24/2021

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Digital and Literacy Among Youth & Teens
recorded 3/22/23

Parenting Now!

Catch My Breath-What Parents Should Know About Teens, ‘Tweens, and Vaping
recorded 11/19/20

Parenting Now!

Town Hall on Underage Drinking Risks and Prevention Tips
recorded 1/26/23