Every kid deserves a Most Valuable Person in their lives, who stands by them no matter what and plays an important role in their decision making.

Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight members of our community who go above and beyond for youth of all ages. Whether someone is a teacher, coach, neighbor, store clerk, mentor, or anything in between, everyone has the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of young people. We strive to empower youth and honor those who do the same, by nominating and recognizing community members for being an MVP (Most Valuable Person) in someone’s life. Everyone has a hero, but our community has MVPs.

Do You Know an MVP?

Anyone can be an MVP (Most Valuable Person)! 
Can you think of someone who is making a difference in the lives of young people in our community?  If this sounds like someone you know, you can nominate that person to be recognized as an MVP using the link below!

An MVP is someone who…

Take MVP Action

Providing a young person with a caring and accepting adult influence is critical in securing healthy identity development. The consistent presence of adults in a young person’s life is one of the best roles you can play, and it helps to ensure a seamless transition to adulthood. Click the link below to learn more ways you can be an MVP to the young people in your daily life.

Meet the MVPs!

Officer Dan Menard

The HWP4Y Coalition is proud to honor Officer Dan Menard as the first MVP! Dan has been the Student Resource Officer for the HWRSD for nearly 22 years and has impacted many lives throughout that time. Dan has been described by students and community members as caring, respectful, approachable, and reliable – to name a few. Dan goes above and beyond to keep students and the community safe and healthy, and his practical advice has stayed with students into their adult lives. Thank you SRO Dan Menard for all of your years of service and dedication to the community, students, and their families!